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    steel pipe company’s vessel shortlisted for metallurgical product physical quality brand cultivation and certification

    release time:2020-04-02  viewed:953次
     Recently, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association released the announcement on the publicity of the results of 2019 metallurgical product quality brand cultivation, and the steel pipe company's product of Φ 219 × 5.7 37Mn / 1  are listed on the list.


    The Φ 219 × 5.7 37Mn / 1 gas cylinder tube has high requirements for the internal and external surface quality of the product, and the R & D and trial production process has also experienced many difficulties. First of all, the product is faced with the external surface quality that is difficult to control. Therefore, the technical team of Φ 180 hot rolling section successfully eliminated the internal and external surface defects of the product by technological breakthrough, reforming the pass patterns of the stripper and the constant tension reducer. The product also has high requirements for rolling accuracy. The technical group of Φ 180 hot rolling section has revised the measurement method of rolling mill centerline, which not only meets the rolling requirements of the product, but also obtains a patent. The steel pipe company also gives full play to the advantages of integration of production, marketing and research, transforms the Φ 230 billet into theΦ 245 billet, and improves the wall thickness accuracy of the product. With the full cooperation of all departments of the steel pipe company, the trial production of Φ 219 × 5.7 37Mn / 1 was finally successful, and it was finally shortlisted in the list of products for the cultivation of metallurgical products' physical quality brand.


    The successful shortlist of Φ 219 × 5.7 37Mn / 1 gas cylinder tube can further expand the pressure vessel product market of steel tube company, improve the competitiveness and brand influence of seamless steel tube of Baotou Steel, and inject new vitality into high-quality development.


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