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    the finishing department of Φ159 branch organize the medium maintenance work

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    the intermediate maintenance of Φ159 branch, the  finishing department prepares the intermediate maintenance construction in advance, refines the maintenance items, and ensures the operation of the intermediate maintenance items.  the key projects undertaken by the finishing department in the medium repair include the reconstruction of 4 sets of horizontal clamping device bases of row saw, the installation of linear bearings, the reconstruction of the bottom plate of the buffer baffle trolley, the replacement of the locking seat and guide seat, the disassembly and inspection of the 2
    # leveler reducer, etc. The staff return to the work site to clean up the sanitation, and actively participate in the maintenance work. All of them are united to ensure the quality and progress of the maintenance, so as to prepare for the stable operation of the equipment in the finishing area in the future.

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